Dero Youth Soccer Tour Coming to Ottawa Jan 13.13

Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope you all had a fun and restful holidays.


This year is going to be a busy and exciting one for myself and the Dero United Team and I am happy to share that we will be kicking off 2013 in Ottawa with our Dero Youth Soccer Tour.


This Sunday, January 13th, I along with the coaches of Dero United Development and Power Training will be at the Algonquin Soccer Facility in Kanata.


This is an exciting opportunity for the Dero United team, as we have the opportunity to work with Ottawa youth for the first time through the game I love most, soccer.


Our tour will feature some great soccer drills and also educate kids about nutrition and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We will also be joined by our friends at Greco Lean and Fit and the Ottawa Fury Soccer Club, who have helped to make this day possible.


We are going to have a great time, and I look forward to seeing all of my Ottawa friends there!

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree









As we prepare for the holiday season and  welcome a new year, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the tremendous support and love that I have received this year from friends, family and fans from all over the world. From the encouraging messages I got through my injury, to the lift our fans gave us at RFK, I am  constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be playing the sport I loved as a child,  as a profession, and I appreciate that every single day.

I would like to congratulate all those who have won awards this year including some of my old teammates Landon Donovan, Chris Wondolowski and Frank Yallop.

Also, I have to congratulate my fellow Canadian,  Christine Sinclair, for not only winning the awards (Canadian Player of the Year, the Lou Marsh Award and a Diamond Jubilee medal), but for everything you have done for soccer in Canada. It’s so great to see a top player being such a great role model to children all over the country.

Although the holidays are usually for family and friends, I also think its very important to remember those who are less fortunate and be appreciative of what you have. If you can, try to go out and volunteer somewhere over the holidays, it may just be the most rewarding thing you can do.

On behalf of myself, my family and the whole Dero United team , I wish you all a safe and joyful holiday and a happy new year!



Getting Into The “Spirit” Of Halloween

Dwayne De Rosario "Halloween"

We’re feeling ghoulish. If you send us a pic of you dressed up as a soccer player or anything related to the sport, for Halloween we’ll give one winner a signed DeRo jersey!

*NEW DATE* Ask DeRo Anything!

NOVEMBER 1, 2012

Dwayne De Rosario

Ever listen to an interview and wish the reporter asked DeRo that burning question? Well, here’s your chance to ask him yourself.

On Thursday, November 1st at 7:00 PM Eastern, Dwayne will be hosting an Ask DeRo anything event on Twitter. Simply post your question on Twitter and use the hashtag #AskDero, and he’ll respond, right there on Twitter, for all to see the response to your riveting question.

We’ve got DeRo for only 30 minutes on Monday, so try to get your questions in early. DeRo’s team @deroyouthtour will be curating the questions for the event.

A few minutes with Dwayne De Rosario

Washington Post ~ Steven Goff

Dwayne De Rosario

D.C. United star Dwayne De Rosario has been sidelined for six weeks with a left knee injury suffered in Canada’s World Cup qualifier at Panama. At the time, the club said he would miss 10 to 12 weeks, effectively ending his MLS season. However, De Rosario has made steady progress in rehabilitation and United Coach Ben Olsen said Saturday that he hasn’t ruled out the 2011 MLS most valuable player returning.  READ MORE

Week 6 of Rehab and I’m Feeling Good…

Dwayne De Rosario

Week 6 of rehab…

The focus of week 6 was fitness and building the muscles that surround the MCL area (quad., calf, gluteus, etc…).  This stretch of my rehab is setup to start to give me more stability and strength, as I get more physical. Now, I am not gonna’ lie, week 6 was intense, with heavy elliptical, bike and some jogging around the field, but it all felt really good, especially my time on field.

Everyday, I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the exercises.  The exercises, coupled with my smoothie and natural home made juices intake,  are all helping to  build the body up, inward and out.

I am looking forward to week 7, where I should be getting more time outdoors and doing light ball work.  Pumped about the outdoor work!

Stay tuned.

DeRo Development & Power Training Program

DeRo Development & Power Training Camp  "Dwayne De Rosario"

Thanks to everyone who signed up for My DeRo 9 week Development & Power Training Program.   My team and I are looking forward to working with your kids, encouraging them  to enjoy the worlds game.   Guiding them to take the necessary steps to help them develop their Futbol knowledge, as well as aiding them towards proper nutrition while providing better endurance & mental fitness. This is an intense program, so we highly advise our kids to be well hydrated and be prepared every week. We look forward to meeting our future stars & parents this Saturday October 20th at the Major League Sportsplex in Scarborough as we begin our journey.



Dwayne De Rosario "DeRo Youth Tour"Sometimes, the recovery process can be intense, with a lot of gruelling physical work to get back to range of motion and or fitness, but often times the mental part is over looked. This past weekend I decided to focus on the mental part of my recovery and that entailed a road trip to Toronto. Sometimes you just have to free your mind a bit and relax with family, extended or nuclear, it doesn’t matter; have some laughs and loosen up a little. Going to Toronto provided me with all that was required.  First stop, my brothers family. He had friends and family over and cooked up a “Storm”. This really helped to get my mind off the 8.5hr drive, as well as my injury. It was nice to see some old faces and share a laugh with, as we say, some of the “Man Dem”. Mom of course cooked my favourite, ‘metemgee’, a Guyanese dish which was desperately needed.

The next day it was my team, DC United, versus TFC, and we know how that went, so I was very happy to see those results. Can’t lie though, always tough watching the game from the stands or on TV, while being injured. Anyway, after the game I went to another family gathering for Thanksgiving. Once again sharing some laughs and good times with the family. I don’t think there is anything funnier than a drunk Guyanese – lol  just saying….

To cap off my trip I held my DeRo United  “FREE’” Youth Tour in my hometown of Scarborough. In fact, this turned out to be the highlight of my trip. Just being out there with the kids and seeing myself in them helped to remind me why I’m doing this. The appreciation that a lot of the parents, and kids, showed was enough to heal any injury.  The encouragement shared with me was awesome, as every kid left with a smile, but none bigger then this kid right here!

Monday was a slow morning as we set off for our drive back to DC. Feeling charged and rejuvenated, it was as if I couldn’t wait to get back to treatment and more gruelling sessions. Feeling strong as ever, I entered my first session back with a good warm up, stretch and a great cardio exercise on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes.

The next day followed  up with some single leg squats, balancing to rebuild the muscles that surround the MCL. Everyday, before workouts, I do some ultra sound work and some laser treatment, to help provide blood flow to the area to help aid in healing.

Today, I ran for the first time, for 20 minutes, and felt really good.  No lateral stuff, just straight forward running. So far the recovery is going good, as I approach the 1 month mark, since the injury.

Thanks again for all your social media get well messages, as they really help build my spirits and sometimes it really helps me get through a tuff session… So, until next time, remember that recovery is as much mental as it is physical



[VIDEO] DeRo’s new role with Canada

Canada’s all-time leading scorer Dwayne De Rosario will take on a different role as the national squad takes on Cuba at BMO Field.



Dwayne De Rosario "DeRo Youth Tour"

It was a great day spending time at my DeRo Youth Tour yesterday in Toronto with all those young stars. Thanks again to all the parents who made the trip from Waterloo, Oakville, Whitby etc. and to my team, sponsors & everyone who helped contribute to a fun filled day.

Having the opportunity to give back to my community is a great reward and I am extremely grateful  that I have a dedicated team that helped me put it all together. I now look forward my DeRo Development & Power Training Camp and meeting the new stars of the future…



DeRo Youth Tour Gallery: Toronto October 7th Edition

To learn about our Development and Power Training Camp, click here.

Dwayne De Rosario Up Close & Personal ~ MLS36

DeRo Edition of MLS 36 Airs on NBC Wednesday, Sept 19th


A few weeks ago we gave you a heads up that Dwayne De Rosario was scheduled to be featured on NBC’s MLS 36 Series.  The folks at NBC followed DeRo around for 24 hours, and captured some fantastic behind the scenes, up close and personal footage that will give you real insight into the life of the MLS MVP.

DeRo’s edition of the MLS 36 Series airs tomorrow, on NBC Sports Network, at 7:00pm ET.  Tune in!

Don’t Cross The Line: stand up agains bullying and discrimination

DeRo Don't Cross the Line campaign

There shouldn’t be much needed, in the way of words, to talk about why bullying and discrimination are crippling perils to the well being of humanity, especially our youth.  This is why MLS Works, Dwayne De Rosario and his fellow MLS players have rallied together to launch a campaign entitled, Dont Cross the Line.

Don’t Cross the Line work to raise awareness and take a stance against bullying, discrimination and racism.

Take the pledge and view the campaign video below.

My Thanks Can Hardly Be Put Into Words!

Dwayne De Rosario

Dwayne De Rosario. Photo taken by Angelica Perez.

I think it was Muhammad Ali that said:

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill”

As a father, husband and professional soccer player you have to be able to take all that comes at you and persevere through it; it’s all of this ‘stuff’ that makes you stronger. But, aside from the support of my family, it cannot go unsaid that the well-wishes and words of encouragement from all of you are extremely touching and supportive. Though you think you’re sending out a simple tweet or simple post on my Facebook wall, you have to know that there is nothing simple about what all of you are saying. It feels damn good to know that soccer has fans and supporters like you.

See you on the field!


Dwayne (DeRo) De Rosario